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 About Us

Theresa Jackson West


 Founded & Managed by Theresa Jackson-West

     Theresa started her nursing career as a student in high school, participating in

a course in the same hospital and unit where she was born. During nursing school, she worked as a nursing assistant. Theresa gracefully climbed the ladder of success

to become a registered nurse and a legal nurse consultant. She brings 36 years of

clinical nursing experience to her role as a certified legal nurse consultant. Her areas

of expertise include medical, surgical and neurological intensive care, step down, progressive care, telemetry and case management. She has six and a half years of experience as a clinical manager of a 52 bed critical care department and has also performed as a critical care instructor and procedure nurse. Theresa is very familiar

with electronic medical records. She conducted monthly medical record reviews, performance improvement stats and assisted Risk Management in reviewing cases

for allegations of malpractice and also assisted in the preparation for Joint Commission surveys. .

   Theresa received her BSN at the Medical College of Georgia. She is a member
of AACN where she has maintained her certification in critical care for 30 years. She is also certified as a legal nurse consultant. Theresa is a member of The GSMBC Healthcare Ministry at her local church where she holds a leadership role.
         Theresa understands the important role a legal nurse consultant plays in your legal team. She is dedicated to assist you in identifying the medical and nursing issues that may hinder your case progress. Call Jackson West Legal Nurse Consulting at 706-705-9329 for additional information.

Our Mission

We strive to assist attorneys in developing a solid case foundation by providing expert medical record review. 


Our Vision

We strive to influence and inspire the excellence of the nursing practice as a certified legal nurse consultant. 


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